The Outsiders: Time Won’t Let Me (1966)

The Outsiders

Despite having four hit singles and recording four albums, The Outsiders are remembered today for this one song, Time Won’t Let Me, which reached number 5 on the American charts in 1966.

Guitarist Tom King started the band in Cleveland in 1965. When King left the band in 1968, vocalist Sonny Geraci and Walter Nims attempted to continue recording under The Outsiders name. A legal battle ensued. After King finally won the rights to the name in 1970, Geraci and Nims formed a new called Climax. The new band recorded the number 1 hit Precious and Few. Today, Geraci tours under the name Sonny Geraci and the Outsiders.

“I never met Frank Sinatra…never met The Beatles. I did meet The Beach Boys. I would have loved to have met Frank Sinatra.”

Sonny Geraci

Time Won’t Let Me fuses elements of British rock and Motown. The horn arrangement gives the song a blues sound, while the jangly guitars were influenced by the British Invasion bands.


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