Sinéad Lohan: Whatever It Takes (1998)

Sinéad LohanSinéad Lohan is one of music’s enigmatic figures. She appeared on the international scene with her second album, No Mermaid, had a couple of minor hits, had a baby, and then vanished.

Lohan is Irish. Her first album, Who Do You Think I Am (1995), was a hit in her native Ireland. No Mermaid was released in 1998 and garnered some critical acclaim, as well as producing a couple of minor hits. The title track from No Mermaid was used in the movie Message In a Bottle.

“Nobody knows what I write about exactly. Nobody knows why I write and nobody ever sees me write. If I lived in a different century, they might have burned me as a witch for expressing myself the way I do. The funny thing is, I don’t understand most of the songs when I write them and then they become obviously relevant to what I’m going through a few months or a year later. They’re like predictions and then like comforts.”

Sinéad Lohan

Lohan had a baby in 2001 and stopped recording. A new album that was supposed to have been released in 2007 has never materialized. Lohan’s website hasn’t been updated since 2001.

Whatever It Takes comes from the album No Mermaid. Listen to how good this song is. It’s catchy and poppy without being treacly, and you can hear a Celtic influence.

Message to Sinéad Lohan: Please come back.


One thought on “Sinéad Lohan: Whatever It Takes (1998)

  1. Indeed.

    Sinead Lohan, come back, we miss you.

    (Thanks, Marc, for saying so well what I needed to say.)

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