Colin Hay – Are You Lookin’ at Me? (2007)

colin-hayYou may remember Colin Hay from his days with Men at Work, the pop music darlings of the 80’s. They saw meteoric success, massive overplay, and like a meteor, they crashed and burned.

But Colin never stopped making music. As he says in this song, “I was built to last.” Two appearances on the TV show Scrubs helped rekindle interest in his music.

Zach Braff used to come and see me play at Largo — before he was in Scrubs actually — and had a copy of my album for quite a few years. He then got the gig in Scrubs and said to me one night that he would try and get some of my songs placed in the music.

Colin Hay, Santa Barbara Independent interview

Colin’s wife, Cecilia Noël provides backup vocals on his songs and at his live shows (where she’s notable for her expressive dancing).  She also appears in this video.

Colin makes good music that, for the most part, doesn’t get the exposure that it deserves. The death of rock radio has made it hard for any rock act to get new music heard.

A new album is due out soon.


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